How To Be Extra Seductive For Your Boyfriend! Follow This and Make Him Want You More Than Ever

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There's lots of fun ways to spice up your relationship and avoid boredom in the bedroom. Here's some examples of ways to keep things hot and be extra seductive to your man:

Leave Him a Sexy Note

Get his mind going and keep his thoughts on you all day by leaving him a sexy, preferably scented note where he's sure to find it.

Write down a few seductive sentences, briefly generalizing how you want a night alone with him. If you'd like, add in some details such as what you plan to wear and what you want him to do to you.

Scent is Everything

Just as spraying some perfume on your sexy note can make it that much more effective, wearing the right scent at the right time can make all the difference.

Keep your fragrance light and sexy, being careful not to wear too much. Spray it on your pulse points and remember Coco Chanel's personal tip: perfume should be applied anywhere a woman wants to be kissed.

The Power of Your Mouth

Lip plumpers are a great product that can make your mouth extra luscious. Try one out if you haven't yet.

Your lips and mouth can be very seductive in many ways. Apply lip gloss or balm in front of him casually, being slow and careful as you do and acting as though you don't know he's watching. The key is to be very innocent about it as you draw as much attention to your mouth as possible.

Mental Imagery

You can use text messaging as a great way to create sexy images in his mind. Shake up a mundane workday by sending him some X-rated texts, or start with R-rated if you need to ease yourself into this type of thing.

Sexy Whispers

Men can be turned on the most by bringing up sexual things at a random and unexpected time, especially if you happen to be in public together and/or surrounded by people.

All you have to do is let yourself be turned on by him and tell him how much you want him by leaning in close and whispering this sweetly to him. This is likely to really get his blood boiling and make him go crazy for you.

Great Pictures

Take some very sexy but tasteful pictures of yourself. You don't have to spend a lot of time or money doing this; in fact, you can just use your cell phone's camera or you regular digital camera.

Leave the photos in an envelope with his name written on it, somewhere where he's sure to find it and be very pleasantly surprised. Or send him the pics via phone while he's at work or on a business trip. He probably won't be able to resist coming home a bit early.

Morning Invitation

It's no secret that men are big fans of morning sex. You can seduce him first thing to start your day and make him think of you all day.

Wake up a few minutes before him. Brush your teeth or keep breath mints or Listerine strips on your nightstand; pop either of these in your mouth and change into something silky and sexy if you didn't go to bed wearing something like this. Either wrap yourself around him while he's still sleeping, kiss him all over to gently rouse him, or simply take all blankets and covers off of yourself so you're clearly exposed. The moment he opens his eyes, he's sure to be easily seduced.