Derbie Pie Recipe

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From The Louisville Times article by Sarah Fritschner staff writer, May 3, 1978

The original “Derby Pie,” which is in a class by itself, was so obviously so when first formulated by Walter and Leaudra Kern, they copywrited the recipe. This needn’t be a hindrance, however, as the other pies that resemble it are so delicious that few people will ever know they aren’t eating the original. A recipe for an imposter follows:


     4 Whole eggs
     ¾ cup white sugar
     ¼ cup brown sugar
     1 teaspoon vanilla
     2 tablespoons bourbon
     1 cup white corn syrup
     1 stick melted butter
     1 tablespoon flour
     1 cup chopped pecans
     1 cup chocolate chips
     1 unbaked 10-inch pie shell 

Beat the eggs. Add to them the sugars, vanilla, bourbon, corn syrup, butter and flour. Mix well. Distribute nuts and chips in the bottom of the pie shell. Pour the filling on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

The Kerns, along with son George, formulated the recipe while they managed the Melrose Inn in Prospect in the 50s ….