Friends Who Have Passed

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I don't want anyone to think this is morbid, which is why the page is private, but at the same time I've needed a place for some time to keep track of those in my life who have passed; there's no particularly better way to do that, I think, than a page here, so this was the choice I made.

These were people who touched me and were at some point, important to me. Some days I miss them; some days I feel bad for not remembering them.

  • Great Grandma Eggleton
  • Donnie ? -- Highland middle, kid had some learning disabilities, I worked with him a while before he died in strange circumstances - hit by a truck that I feel like was driven by someone he knew.
  • Amy Joann McNeely - Everyone remembers her. My first real friend who passed.
  • Christine Taaffe
  • Kim Sampson
  • Matthew Klinglesmith
  • Stephen Hollinden
  • Chris Mayer
  • Jeff Hill
  • Scott Evand
  • Rachel Moter

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