Joe's Blueberry monkey bread

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Cook in a 14 in dutch oven Feeds 1 large patrol (10-12)

Joe's Blueberry Monkey Bread

  • 4 cans of biscuits with cinamon mixed in
    • (Or regular and add 6tbs cinnamon to sugar)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 3/4 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 can blueberries in light syrup (can use a pint of fresh blueberries)
  • 3 sticks butter

Cut biscuits into quarters (or smaller)

Coat with mixture of sugar and brown sugar (Individually coat in mixing bowl or shake a handful at a time in a gallon zip-lock)

Place in greased dutch oven

Open can of blueberries and save the syrup

Intersperse blueberries throughout and some on top of biscuits.

In small pot melt butter with syrup from blueberries. Add remaining sugar to make a glaze... When liquid and thick, drizzle entire pot all over monkey bread.

Put lid on.

Cook on charcoals check for consistency in 32 mins or wait till you smell it steaming out.

Its done when biscuits are fluffy inside and crisp on top and glaze is gooey and caramelized on bottom!

  • For a 14 inch oven use 14 briquettes on bottom and 21 on top.
  • For a 12 inch one, use 12 below and 17 on top.
    • (Aprox 375 degrees. Adjust for wind and outside temp)

Do not substitute other fruits. If you want another fruit, just make cobbler.