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Data Warehousing Software
Data Warehousing Software
Data Visualization Software (see [ ChipMonkey's Coding Corner])

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Chip's Official To-Do List

Things to Do


Get in shape

Run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon! [Complete! April 2009, 3 hours, 35 minutes!]

Be a Space Tourist (orbital flight, or the stretch goal: Moon Landing) [Mars?]

Buy a Fixer-Upper house (and fixer-it-up) (then sell it or torch it or rent it)

Eventually successfully compelte a NanoWrimo or, better, just write a book

Watch a shuttle launch

Buy someone a car [Complete! Well, mostly... bought Ang a Jeep for Christmas (2006)!]

Buy Ferf a yacht [Complete! Ask Ferf.]

Things to Learn

Learn some more instruments

Learn to Ride the Unicycle

Learn to Juggle 5 balls

Things to Make, Buy, Borrow, or Steal

Grand Piano (Complete! And it's PURTY)

Murhpy Bed (Complete -- YAY!)

A House (as in, pay-it-off) UPDATE: I'm paying for two houses now, one rented, none paid off.

MAME Cabinet

Sailboat (ooh, look at this one:

And a Canoe or Kayak (or both!)

A Fishtank

A comprehensive wood shop, so's I can make lots of other stuffs

A decent telescope

Software to Write

Photomosaic Software so Ferf can use it!

Some video game (at least one of the little addictive ones)

Data Warehousing Software

Data Visualization Software (see ChipMonkey's Coding Corner)