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Chip's Official To-Do List

Things to Do


Be a Space Tourist (orbital flight, or the stretch goal: Moon Landing) [Mars?]

Buy a Fixer-Upper house (and fixer-it-up) (then sell it or torch it or rent it)

Eventually successfully compelte a NanoWrimo

Things to Learn

Learn some more instruments

Learn to Ride the Unicycle

Learn to Juggle 5 balls

Things to Buy

Grand Piano

Murhpy Bed (Complete -- YAY!)

And a Fishtank

A House (as in, pay-it-off)

A Schweet Home Theater

A Webcam (yeah, but it's been on my list forever)

Things to Make

MAME Cabinet

Software to Write

Photomosaic Software

Some video game (at least one of the little addictive ones)

Data Warehousing Software