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Chip's Official To-Do List

Things to Do


Get in shape

Run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon! [Complete! April 2009, 3 hours, 35 minutes!] (and 2010, 2011, 2012... 2013?)

Be a Space Tourist (orbital flight, or the stretch goal: Moon Landing) [Mars?]

Buy a Fixer-Upper house (and fixer-it-up) (then sell it or torch it or rent it)

Eventually successfully complete a NanoWrimo or, better, just write a book (e-books?)

Watch a shuttle launch [Fail!]

Buy someone a car [Complete! Ask Ang!]

Buy Ferf a yacht [Complete! Ask Ferf.]

Recruit butter minions

Swim in a pool filled with macaroni and cheese

Things to Learn

Learn some more instruments

Learn to Ride the Unicycle

Learn to Juggle 5 balls

Songs to Learn to Play

Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue)

They Can't Take That Away from Me (Frank Sinatra)

Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)

Something to Believe In (Poison)

Things to Make, Buy, Borrow, or Steal

Grand Piano (Complete! And it's PURTY)

Dishes (Complete! Finally!)

Murhpy Bed (Complete -- YAY! Now I have to get rid of it.)

A House (as in, pay-it-off) UPDATE: I'm paying for THREE houses now!!! Trying to sell one, living in one, one rented, none paid off.

MAME Cabinet


A Fishtank

A comprehensive wood shop, so's I can make lots of other stuffs:

  • A Canoe or Kayak (or both!)
  • A decent telescope
  • Wooden replacement covers for the 4-color pens
  • Wooden bicycle
  • Flexible/bendable/softish wood furniture
  • Chess boards and pieces (make this)
  • Boxes and drawers and built-in cabinets
  • Bows (as in archery)
  • Musical instruments (violin, guitar, ...)

Software to Write

Photomosaic Software so Ferf can use it!

Some video game (at least one of the little addictive ones)

Data Visualization Software (see ChipMonkey's Coding Corner)

Android Retirement Calculator

Android Fuel Mileage and Car Maintenance Tracker