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Things Chip has made in his little workshop:

(possibly chronologically ordered)

  • Heart Inlaid Box -- 2007, Pine, RedHeart - Gift for Angela
  • Baseball Bat 2008 -- Ash, Unfinished - Birthday Present for Michael Koch
  • Baseball Bat 2008 -- Ash, Unfinished - Birthday Present for Brian Helfrich
  • Baseball Bat 2008 -- Ash, Unfinished - Birthday Present for Joe
  • Chess Board 2008, Spalted Maple and RedHeart, PolyCrylic finish
  • Bowl -- 2008, 6" diameter, PurpleHeart, Flaxseed Oil Finish with much help from Ang - Birthday Present for Karen Koch
  • Rolling Pin 2008, Birch, Turned Green, Pentacryl dried, for Angela
  • Pen -- August, 2008, Red Palm [nb: This wood is awesome!], Renaissance Wax Finish, Birthday Present for Joe
  • Pen -- August, 2008, ZebraWood, Renaissance Wax Finish, Present for Pete Bell upon having his first kiddo
  • Pen -- August, 2008, Acrylic, didn't really go that well
  • Pen -- August, 2008, Laminated RedHeart and Spalted Maple, Renaissance Wax finish, Gift for Jen at BeaverVu Bowling since hers didn't work
  • Pen -- September, 2008, Coconut Red Palm, Hut Wax finish, Gift for Stephanie Tubbs' Birthday
  • Bowl -- October, 2008, 6" diameter, Yellow Heart, unfinished, with help from Ang
  • Bowl -- October, 2008, 6" diameter, Black and White Synthetic wood, Spray Lacquer finish
  • Trinket -- Tiny captured ring chalice shape
  • Pen -- July, 2009, Patterned laminate wood, Cloth Applied Lacquer Finish
  • Candle Holder -- July, 2009, Brazilian Rosewood, holds 4" and 3" candles, Gift for Cathy Thompson
  • Pen -- July, 2009, Cocobolo, hard Two Part Wax Finish, Birthday Present for Jack Koch
  • Rolling Pin -- May, 2011, Ash (from back yard), Pentacryl, for Me
  • Bowl -- May, 2011, Osage Orange, Two Part Wax Finish
  • Bench for Angela -- July 2013, Pine 2x4s cut and screwed all purty like
  • Eric's Media Center Stand (made with Eric) -- June 2013, Birch plywood with steel threaded rods for legs and nice nuts, washers, and bolts
  • Finished (previous) Chess Board -- July 2013, with cedar edges and maple curved feet - Christmas 2013 Gift for Dad
  • Trash Can Holder for Ang, Cedar and Pine -- September 2014

Things Other People have made:

  • Angela: Wooden Bowl (2008, Cherry, Woodcraft Class) -- Birthday present for her mom
  • Angela: Wooden Bowl (2008, Paduak, Flaxseed Oil finish)
  • Angela: Pen (2008, Cedar, Wax Finish)
  • Angela: Pen (2008, PurpleHeart)
  • Kory: Pen (2008, Cocobolo, Wax Finish)
  • Eric: Chess Set, 2008-2009, Basswood Scroll Sawed
  • Joe has made lots of stuff, but I can't really enumerate them, and he makes a lot of cool wood stuff outside the shop. Joe can add stuff here if he wants though!

Things Chip should make but hasn't yet: