Chicken Fried Bacon

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Alright, this isn't my recipe exactly, it's a very simple combination of a few recipes found online... but it's so freakin' tasty I just had to include it:

Basically, prepare a bowl of two raw mixed eggs, a bowl of 1-cup flower with a few teaspoons of spices that I had around -- paprika, oregano, ground mustard, nutmeg, pepper, and whatever else the cabinet had -- and a skillet with an inch of vegetable oil at about 375 degrees. Coat the bacon in egg (lightly, I kinda wiped them off so it wasn't drippy), cover it in flour, and fry for about 3-1/2 minutes (I did one for four, but it was a bit burnt). I ran them in batches of four slices each. Shake off the excess oil and let them cool and dry on a wire rack for a minute or two. Then eat. That will pretty much cover a 12-pack of bacon. Someone recommended baking them for a few minutes after that, but I didn't do that -- they were epic right out of the fryer.