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AKA Jennifer Wempe. Other aliases also include Jennifer Kleinsteuber, Jen, Jenny K., Olive Grasshopper, JK, Fer-fer and Ferfie.

Born on November 21, 1974. Married to Jason M. Wempe on October 7, 2006.


1993 graduate of the prestigious Atherton High School

Received B.A. in Art (2000) and M.A.T. (2001) from the prestigious University of Louisville

Completed M.S. in School Counseling from the prestigious (ahem...) Indiana University Southeast, May 2007.


"As bubbly as champagne." - Mike Moody

Favorite Gifts


Toolbox and Tools - THANKS BRAD!

Diamond Pendant - THANKS MOM!

"Average" Length Jeans (As if!) - THANKS HONEY!

Diamond Earrings - THANKS DAD!

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