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MAME Cabinet
MAME Cabinet

Sailboat (ooh, look at this one:

And a Canoe or Kayak (or both!)
And a Canoe or Kayak (or both!)

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Chip's Official To-Do List

Things to Do


Get in shape

Run the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon! [Complete! April 2009, 3 hours, 35 minutes!]

Be a Space Tourist (orbital flight, or the stretch goal: Moon Landing) [Mars?]

Buy a Fixer-Upper house (and fixer-it-up) (then sell it or torch it or rent it)

Eventually successfully compelte a NanoWrimo or, better, just write a book

Watch a shuttle launch

Buy someone a car [Complete! Well, mostly... bought Ang a Jeep for Christmas (2006)!]

Buy Ferf a yacht [Complete! Ask Ferf.]

Things to Learn

Learn some more instruments

Learn to Ride the Unicycle

Learn to Juggle 5 balls

Things to Make, Buy, Borrow, or Steal

Grand Piano (Complete! And it's PURTY)

Murhpy Bed (Complete -- YAY!)

A House (as in, pay-it-off) UPDATE: I'm paying for two houses now, one rented, none paid off.

MAME Cabinet


And a Canoe or Kayak (or both!)

A Fishtank

A comprehensive wood shop, so's I can make lots of other stuffs

A decent telescope

Wooden replacement covers for the 4-color pens


Software to Write

Photomosaic Software so Ferf can use it!

Some video game (at least one of the little addictive ones)

Data Visualization Software (see ChipMonkey's Coding Corner)